Directions & Parking


When arriving by car you can use both, Lange Straße 33a and Amtsstraße 32, as your destination. The Pumpengasse is located between the two streets. Your apartment or room can be reached by entering the Pumpengasse from both sides. 

The passage through the parking lot of the Volksbank is possible without any problems, as free parking is allowed for 45 min. The driveway is located right behind the entrance of the Volksbank.

Take note of the picture that shows you where you can find parking spaces.

We wish you a pleasant journey.  

Parkplätze um die Pumpengasse in der Lange Straße und Amtsstraße

Hausaufteilung Pumpengasse

The main station Wolfsburg is located close to our Hotel Pumpengasse and allows you to quickly arrive at the hotel.
From the main station you can reach the ZOB Wolfsburg in a 1-2 min walk. The ZOB is located to the left of the main entrance of the main station.

From the ZOB Wolfsburg you have the possibility to reach the Pumpengasse with different bus lines. 
Take bus line 221 in the direction of Velstove Alte Handelsstraße or bus line 160 in the direction of Schule, Brome to Vorsfelde Petruskirche. From here it is only a few meters to the hotel.

Taking bus line 380 in the direction of Bahnhof, Helmstedt you have to get off at the bus stop Vorsfelde Ütschenpaul. From this stop it is 300m to the Pumpengasse. From there you walk in driving direction of the bus 300m straight ahead. The Pumpengasse is on the left side of the street.

We wish you a pleasant journey!